Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In July 27, 2011

Well folks, another but slow but progressing week. I went down another .5 of a pound. But you know what? I don't really mind the slowness of my progression, because I am really not dieting, I feel great about the food I'm eating, and I've been working on being more active. I can genuinely say I am not dieting. And not in the way people on restrictive diets make the same claim, been there, done that. Here are some things I've been enjoying this week:

  • I am not the least bit restricted. I am paying attention to my body's signals and what it needs, and not following what someone else decided it needs.
  • I eat very high quality (not necessarily expensive, though) food which is DELICIOUS, I take my time eating it, and can spend as much (or little) time thinking about what I will eat as I want, but with no negative feelings of "Oh, that's to many points" or "I can't afford to fit that in." Instead, I'm excited about what I will eat, and think "I can't wait to eat that."
  • I also went biking this week for the 1st time this year, and probably the 5th time since I was a kid. I got a new gel seat, and it makes all the difference. I really enjoyed myself, and hope to get better at it. It's such a worthwhile activity, as the University of Leicester semi-jokes about:
Benefits of a bicycle cartoon

So here are the stats:

Original Start Weight: 173
07/13/2011 Start Weight: 155 lbs
Present weight: 154 lbs
Goal Weight: 130-135 ish lbs

Have a great day!


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