Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In July 13th 2011

So here is my first ever posting for this new blog. I've decided that every Wednesday, good or bad, I'll be posting my progress (or lack there of), along with some non-weight-related goals that I need to work on. Here I go!

You want fries with that shake...fatty!

Start Weight 2010: 173 lbs
Present Weight: 155 lbs
Goal Weight: 130-135ish lbs

This week's goals:
  • At least 2 hours total of cardio this week
  • Strength training at least 2 times
  • To stop eating so many darned freezies! So not part of what I should be doing... but so chilling in my un-airconditioned condo!!! Especially blue and white freezies...


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